Windows can add to a property’s unique look, from casement windows to Cape Cod dormers on the old-style ranch property. Windows don’t just play a vital role in the aesthetics of your house, but with the correct placement, they can let great natural sunlight to come in, provide a view to the landscape surrounding you and give a breeze during a spring day at the same time. However, which direction should you place your windows best, and at what angle should you let them face? Here are the following tips you can consider:

Window design and placement

Even on grey days, natural light can help the efficiency of a home. The more natural that gets in, the lesser your requirement to use artificial light. As a result, it minimizes energy consumption and electricity bills. If a house is designed, windows are usually positioned to enhance the aesthetics of the exterior.

Pros and cons of east-facing windows

If the windows of your house face the east, it is simpler for you to experience the warming sunshine and natural light in the earlier times of the day. Rays of sunlight that streams into your kitchen first thing in the morning can make the area and its occupants feel more peaceful and cheerier. Another benefit it can provide is the ambient warmth, which is especially perfect in the winter seasons.

On the other hand, the windows that face east also have their cons. East- and west-facing windows tend to acquire the lowest angle of spring and fall sunlight, which can usually be blinding—particularly difficult and irksome in rooms utilized for working on a computer and watching television. The answer to this issue would be to set up curtains, shades, and simple blinds that can obstruct the light. One of the options when in the build or design stage of a house, just install the sill above 4 ft. off the floor to minimize glare.

Top option= south-facing windows

If you reside in the northern hemisphere, the greatest benefit a south-facing window can provide is sunshine. If you usually experience sunshine most of the time, then take advantage of it and maximize this benefit by having your windows to face south. In the winter season, throw open your curtains or the shades from south-facing windows to let the sun warm up inside your door naturally. During summertime, curtains and shades can help minimize solar gain, keeping the room much cooler. All throughout the year, the most ideal window to get natural light would be a south-facing window.

At the end of the day, it does not matter which direction the windows of your house face, you still have to include them in your regular cleaning routine and maintain them. Window cleaning can be a massive task for any property owner, particularly when your house has several levels. But, you don’t have to worry because you can always hire a professional home cleaner to help you maintain your home out whenever you want.