Maintaining your ductwork is a task that can be easily overlooked since your ducts are hidden behind the walls of your house. Mold and dust that accumulate around and inside the ducts can greatly lower indoor air quality and cause more frequent allergies.

Today, we are going to share with you some signs that can indicate it is time to hire a professional air duct and furnace cleaning Grande Prairie company.

Inconsistent Airflow

All vents need to generate an extremely similar smooth airflow if there aren’t any blockages in the ductwork. There’s a possibility that there is a blockage near one of the vents of the room if one or several rooms in your property does not provide the same hot or cool air. In addition to that, you might also experience a faster flow of air from the vents in other areas. There’s a possibility that you hear a whistling sound because of the increased pressure around the vents.

Noisy Ductwork

Though not every sound from the ducts should be cause for concern, dirty ducts can make a couple of particular sounds that any person should be wary of. The most common result of obstructed airflow is a vibrating sound. The reason for this is that the pressure accumulates and causes the duct to start to shake. This can be a result of a huge blockage of dirt and dust in the duct or a dirty filter.

Dusty Return Vents

The first component of your HVAC system that sees a lot of blockages and accumulation is the return vents. The reason for this is that they’re the entry point for dusty air across your house to be cycled back inside the system and directed to the filter of your furnace. It does not help that return vents are typically placed near to the floor where pet dander, hair, and other contaminants are more likely to be sucked.

The return vents can say a lot about your ductwork’s health. There are fewer possibilities that blockages exist inside the ductwork if your vents aren’t dirty.

Visible Mold

One of the darkest places in your house is the ductwork. Oftentimes, condensation in the air causes accumulation of moisture in the ducts and the places around them. Due to these elements, ductwork is one of the most popular areas in any house for mold growth to become an issue.

Mold spores that circulate through the HVAC system will sometimes cause flare-ups of allergies. In addition to that, it might result in respiratory problems in the future.

If you ignore mold issues, it will spread across the ductwork until it reaches the registers of your vent. Noticeable mold under the registers might be isolated growths. However, it can also be an indication of a widespread mold issue that needs a complete duct cleaning.

Of course, this will not be a problem if you regularly clean your furnace and your air ducts. Hire a professional company when it comes to your air duct and furnace cleaning needs.